Pigeon Guano Cleaning

Our Specialist Cleaning Services plays a large part of our companies portfolio,Since 2006 we have provided the Safe removal and cleaning of Pigeon Guano from a diverse range of sites in the Uk, Pigeon Droppings or it’s correct name Pigeon guano, builds up

wherever Feral pigeons have roosted or spent a lot of time in one location.

Removal of the Guano requires Protective wear and Full face respirators to remove

safely, particularly if the Guano is to be found inside a confined space such as an Attic or Loft space, Pigeon guano Dried and Desiccated poses the Greatest risk to Health, As harmful particles or Spores can become Airborne when the Guano is disturbed, and

inhaled by Staff, Contractors or Members of the public if no safety precautions have been taken.

What We Do?

Our operatives remove all Pigeon guano,Chemically clean all areas, using a range of Biocidal Disinfectant cleaners that treat and destroy pathogens at source, to help prevent any further Re- infection,Pigeon guano is soaked by our operatives using a Backpack sprayer and once suitably soaked, removed by hand,Bag sealed using heavy duty refuse sacks,Safely removed offsite and disposed of within current Health and safety guidelines,Areas that are being cleaned are cordoned off and only operatives with the correct PPE can enter,Full face respirators with P3 cartridge filter,Gloves,Overalls are standard wear for our operatives.

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We have safely removed Pigeon guano from a number of Diverse sites such as Church Bell Towers,Loft spaces,Attics,Balconies,Air condition units,Water closets,Rooftops,Guttering,Solar panels,The list goes on in fact anywhere Feral pigeon numbers have built up,Just look at our clients page, Commercial and Domestic,If you have Pigeon guano to remove, We can do it.

As our Company specialises in Bird control we can uniquely also provide Pigeon spiking, Pigeon netting, Pigeon trapping and Pigeon control using Hawks to stop a reoccurrence of Pigeon guano build up at that location.

“We are the One stop shop for Bird control and Specialist Cleaning services”